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    All Bunny today!

    This site is dedicated to all the adorable bunnies on this planet.

    For those of you who didn't know yet, bunnies are secretly planning to rule da world. While pretending to relax and chill out all day, they make master plans on how to boss da humans around. Carrots and parsley will grow everywhere. There will be nothing but fresh green grass and happy binkies. It will be bunny paradise.

    The world will be a better place!


    What we like

    • Binkies
    • Hay & Veggies
    • Bite cables
    • Daydreaming
    • Run real fast
    • Grooming
    • Find hidy places

    That's Us

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  • Bunny World

    Always wanted to know more about bunnies?

    Rabbits might be quiet animals. But if you spend some time with them, you will learn how they interact and behave. They all have their own personality, you just have to look closer..


    What we like to do

    Rabbits love to burrow, because it is a natural behavior for them.

    Outside, rabbits can dig underground tunnels and run away easily. To prevent their escape, make sure the borders of their run are protected. For example you can cover the floor with wire mesh or put a row of bricks around the insides of the outdoor area. They then will learn soon that there is no escape.

    A house rabbit scratching the floor either wants attention or is attempting to make a burrow. To keep them from digging up the carpet and other destructive behaviors, you need to give them some alternatives in which they can dig. Rabbits love boxes with shredded paper, hay or even soil.

    Rabbits can sleep in many ways.

    Some sit in the same crouch they are often in when awake, eyes open. You can only tell they are asleep from the lack of nose twitching.

    Sometimes rabbits lie down, either on the side or on the belly with all fours stretched out. Some will even sleep on their back. Other rabbits will close their eyes and totally flake out, looking like they are dead. Don’t worry, they are fine. They just feel safe enough sleeping totally relaxed.

    Whenever the bunny nap is finished, they will arise from the slumber and stretch out forward with the front legs. Rabbits totally stretch out straight every part of their body while standing on all fours. At the same time they are yawning and show up the front teeth.

    No doubt, a good nap is one of their favorite things to do. So please don't disturb their well-deserved rest.

    Rabbits like to keep their fur clean and therefore spend a good deal of time grooming. Licking keeps the fur clean and smooth. It also helps to stay healthy and keeps the body temperature even.

    It looks adorable when rabbits sit on their hindquarters and wash their little faces. They lick their paws to wet them and then rub the ears and eyes in a circular motion. Rabbits also comb their hair by nibbling inch by inch along their furry body. The nails of the hind paws take care of an itchy spot on the head.

    Rabbits also like grooming each other to help our friends getting to the places that are hard to reach, like behind the ears.

    Some rabbits even groom humans which can be considered as a bunny way of saying “I love you!”.

    Chewing is a very natural and needed behavior for rabbits. It is important because it keeps the ever-growing teeth at the right length.

    Rabbits love to chew almost everything in your house, like electric cables, paper, furniture, cushions and so on. The key is to teach them what is appropriate for chewing and what is off-limits. It's not possible to get rabbits to stop chewing, so please provide a good variety of alternatives like branches from apple or willow trees, safe rabbit toys, untreated willow baskets and toys, untreated grass mats or cardboards.

    Don’t give your pet rabbit a free run in your home, unless things like electrical wires or furniture are protected. Rabbit proofing your home involves eliminating danger for us as well as protecting your property from damage.

    Rabbits usually twitch their noses from 20-120 times per minute.

    Nose wiggling is like a thermometer that indicates fine gradations in their mood.

    When rabbits are very scared, excited or interested in something, the nose will often wiggle faster. If they are sick or if it is very hot, the nose can also move quicker.

    A slower nose wiggle is a sign that they are calm and fairly relaxed. A very sleepy rabbit will often stop wiggling the nose completely, because it is just too relaxed to move at all.

    Sitting up is a normal behavior for rabbits.

    Whenever rabbits hear something suspect, they e sit up and try to figure out what is is. That way they get a better view of the habitat and the surroundings. Please make sure the cage is high enough for them to sit straight up.

    With some exercise you can even train rabbits to sit up. Just hold a treat in front of them at floor level. As soon as they start nibbling, lift the food slightly. Offer the next treat at a higher level and they will quickly become taller to reach the snack. Practice this before mealtime because a hungry rabbit is more motivated to reach up.

    Rabbits feel safe in surroundings they have marked. Territories that are unmarked or marked by other rabbits make them extremely unsure.

    Rabbits will mark territories in a couple of ways.

    They will leave some fecal pellets around areas they are claiming as their own. These are dry, odorless and easy to clean up.

    They have scent glands under the chin and the scent is rubbed onto things or people. House rabbits will mark table and chair legs and their cage, food dish, and sleeping house. Humans cannot smell the scent and it doesn't show or stain.

    Sometimes rabbits also use urine to mark territory by spraying it all over the place.The urine can acquire a strong smell in a matter of hours.

    Spaying and neutering are common methods for dealing with marking behavior.

    When rabbits do binkies, they jump straight up in the air and twist their head and body in different directions. Some variations include a jump with no twist, a 180 degree turn, or a jump with a head turn.

    Sometimes called the “Happy Bunny Dance”, binkies are done when rabbits are extremely excited, hyper or happy.

    Some rabbits binky a lot while others rarely do it at all. It depends on their personality. Rabbits may binky on the spot or run first to gain speed.

    Binkies can help rabbits to escape from predators. The air jumps allow them to change their running direction immediately which makes it easier to leave the predator behind.

    Rabbits thump their back feet to signal danger.

    Some rabbits will thump one foot on the ground, some will thump both hind feet at the same time. They aren't very vocal so thumping is their way of communicating. Usually it means they have heard something odd and it could be potentially harmful. They will thump their back feet loudly against the ground to warn other rabbits that something is causing fear.

    Thumping can also be an expression of disapproval, for example if somebody is moving toward the rabbit or attempting to pick the animal up. Take this kind of thump as a warning sign the rabbit is angry. If the rabbit is not yet used to being handled or frightens easily, the thumping may be followed by an attack.

    Rabbits may also thump to get what they want, for example more food or attention. Sometimes when rabbits get surprised, they will thump to show displeasure at being caught unaware.

    rabbits circling

    Two same-gender rabbits circling each other signals an attempt to gain dominance. As long as they are not pulling fur or kicking, circling is fine. But watch closely as it may lead to fighting.

    When two opposite-gender rabbits circle each other, it probably means they are about to mate. If the doe is in heat, she will be pregnant in no time. Separate them if you don't want baby bunnies.

    A rabbit that follows a human around circling around the feet may just be trying to get attention and wants to play. But more likely the rabbit is courting, especially if accompanied by soft honking noises.

    Rabbits are natural-born hoppers and known for their speed and agility.

    They have a special way of moving around. They go in jumps or hops, one after the other. Rabbits have long and strong back legs. They take off on a hop with a big push from our back legs, land on their front legs and then bring the back legs forward to get ready for another hop.

    This way of travel makes rabbits fast sprinters and powerful jumpers. Their bodies are designed to react quickly to danger. The average rabbit can run anywhere from 25 to 45 mph, depending on the type, breed and general health of the animal. Depending on the athletic ability of the animal, a rabbit can approximately jump up to 3 feet high.

    Rabbits eat their own poop. This sounds gross, but it is actually a very important part of the rabbits health.

    They produce two types of droppings and they are very different. The one most often seen is the fecal dropping. These are the hard round ones that are seen in the dropping trays. Rabbits do not eat these.

    The other type of dropping is known as a cecotrope. Sometimes it is referred to as the night droppings. They actually resemble a small cluster of grapes. Unlike fecal droppings these droppings are soft. Cecotropes are produced in the cecum which is a part of the rabbits digestive system. Inside the cecum are bacteria that are essential nutrients to the rabbit.

    It is believed that the cecotropes can protect the rabbit from harmful pathogens. The rabbit will eat them as they are leaving their body. Generally they do this late at night or in the early morning hours.

    Rabbits quite often like to throw things around. Some rabbits will even attack things if you roll them towards them.

    There are a lot of small toys available for rabbits that are perfect for being picked up in a bunny's mouth and thrown around. Make sure the toys are made of hard plastic or metal and have no edible parts.

    If boredom sets in, rabbits like to knock over the food bowl so that all the food falls onto the floor. Get a heavy food bowl which they can’t throw around or one that is designed so they can't knock it over.

    rabbits play climbing

    Rabbits do love to climb up on anything they can find. This includes boxes, stairs, furniture and anything that is reachable.

    They enjoy both, the thrill of the climb and the better view of the surroundings. Rabbits like to hang out on the top level and just look down on everyone that walks by.

    A playhouse with different levels is perfect, so they can jump up and down all day. Make sure the bottom and ramps are stabilized (no wire), so they can safely climb from level to level.

    rabbits sleep flop

    A content rabbit that is sitting still or grooming may suddenly flop onto its side and lay still on the floor.

    It might look scary the first time a rabbit does this. A flopped bunny often looks dead, so it is not uncommon for a new rabbit owner to think something is wrong. But no need to worry, the rabbit is just expressing that he's happy and chilled.

    A rabbit must feel very safe indeed before he will do the "Bunny Flop" so it can be taken as a complement.

    rabbit biting

    Rabbits normally don’t bite, but they certainly can if they have a reason. It depends on the rabbit's personality and how the animal is raised. Altering a rabbit often helps to stop biting behavior.

    If a rabbit is biting, try to find out what is causing the reaction. Rabbits may bite if you do something the animal doesn't want you to, for example some rabbits don’t like being petted or picked up. On the other hand, a rabbit may nip you to get attention or something else the animal wants.

    Rabbits can't see right in front so they will investigate with a bite if they can't identify with their nose. The rabbit may think that your finger coming toward them is food or a predator. Be slow approaching and petting the rabbit, let him smell you first.


    How to take care of us

    Rabbits are lovable and lively animals and make wonderful companions for people who take the time to learn about their needs.

    Though providing care for these adorable creatures isn't difficult, rabbits have a long lifespan and many specific care requirements. Some regular routines are needed to keep the rabbit healthy and happy.

    Anyone considering adopting a rabbit should understand the facts and information on rabbit care before making a decision.

    How often a rabbit cage needs to be cleaned depends on the size of the cage and how well the rabbit is litter trained. An unclean rabbit cage can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, so the cage will need regularly cleaning to avoid illnesses and diseases in the rabbit.

    As a general rule, a thorough cleaning of the rabbit's cage should be done at least once a week. Bring the rabbit to a safe place for the time of the cage cleaning. Take food dishes, toys, and water bottles/dishes out, dump the shavings and the pour rinse the tray out with a hose. Warm water and a scrub brush is required for a more thorough cleaning. Finally fill the tray with fresh shavings adn put back in food and water.

    However doing a bit of cleaning every day will help to keep the cage clean. That way the rabbit will stay healthy and happy. Wet or soiled hay from the floor of the cage should be removed. Small messes such as water spills or litter box misses can be cleaned and the the litter box should be scooped or cleaned as necessary.

    The bottom wire of an outdoor hutch may need to be brushed daily, but the entire hutch may only need to be cleaned quarterly.

    Rabbits need to eat almost constantly while they are awake to keep their digestive systems moving.

    It is vital that a rabbit's digestive system is always moving, so feeding rabbits should take place on a regular schedule, preferably twice a day. Sufficient hay and fresh water should always be available. Quantities of fruit and treats should be limited as they are high in sugar and calories.

    Food should never be changed drastically or suddenly. Youngsters must be allowed to adjust slowly to greens. Vegetables can be introduced around the 12th week of age, and should be tested one at a time to see how well the rabbit likes them and whether the rabbit has an adverse reaction to each one. Chemically treated, spoiled or moldy food should never be offered.

    The food quantity depends on the rabbit's size. Small rabbits (2lbs - 6lbs) will need about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup daily. Rabbits any larger than that should have 1 cup daily, possibly a cup and a half if they are over 10 lbs.

    rabbit bunny pet litterbox training

    Rabbits can be litter box trained. They are clean animals and prefer to have one or more special toilet areas. This behavior may be taken as advantage in litter training.

    Once a the rabbit picks a particular corner of the cage over another, a litter box with some rabbit litter should be sneaked into that corner. A few rabbit droppings may be put into the box as a hint for the rabbit. Whenever the bunny is using box, the owner should give plenty of praise. Once dirty, the entire contents of the box need to be dumped and the litter box can be washed.

    A covered litter box with elevated grid helps to keep the rabbit from kicking the litter out of the box.

    Young rabbits often need some time to develop a pattern when it comes to their droppings. Sometimes rabbits need to be about six months before they develop litter box behaviors.

    A spayed or neutered rabbit can be litter trained much easier as they don’t show territorial urine marking.

    health rabbits

    Most rabbits show no outward signs of illness. To make sure a rabbit is in good health, the pet’s behavioral patterns need to be observed closely on a daily basis, especially during feeding and playtime. Many illnesses are caused by incorrect maintenance and nutrition. The earlier a symptom is recognized, the better are the chances of healing.

    The two most noticeable signs of sickness in a rabbit are lethargy and feces that are not normal. If the rabbit's usual activity level lessens, try to tempt him with his favorite vegetable, treat or toy. If the animal doesn’t seem to eat and even refuses his favorite treat, take the rabbit to the vet immediately. If the rabbit’s feces are smaller than normal, very soft or dry or even nonexistent, the stomach or cecum may be blocked. Dry feces mean the rabbit may be dehydrated and needs subcutaneous fluids immediately. If his feces are too soft, the bunny may have a virus. Bring the rabbit to the vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

    Severe pain can be recognized by a quiet sound of grinding teeth and a bland stare. Be careful not to miss this very low sound.

    rabbit no leash

    Rabbits should never be put on a leash.

    Rabbits are natural prey animals. Whenever they get panicked, they will try to sprint away and escape. They can harm themselves quite severely fighting the leash.

    Rabbits will easily tangle and strangle themselves on a leash which can lead to injuries like bruises or even fractures.

    rabbit care bunny pick up lionhead

    In general, rabbits do not like to be picked up. The act of bending over them and grabbing them by their ribs is very similar to being picked up by predators.

    Make sure your rabbit is picked up correctly. It is important to fully support them so that they will feel secure.

    Approach the rabbit so that they see you coming to pick them up. Pet them a bit on the nose or do other things the bunnies likes to create a calm feeling.

    The best way is to place one hand under the rib cage and the other under the bottom, scooping the back legs so they can’t kick. This method will protect their fragile backbone while protecting you from those strong kicking back legs and sharp nails. Rabbits that kick hard with the rear legs while being held or picked up risk fracturing their back. A rabbit's skeleton is very delicate and brittle.

    Hold your rabbit securely against your body, and make sure its backside is fully supported. Once they are in your arms they feel more safe and relaxed.

    Contrary to rumor, rabbits should never be picked up by their ears alone.

    head stroke

    Rabbits are natural prey animals and tend to be nervous about their bodies being touched. Especially if they have a free space to run, they often dislike being touched.

    However many rabbits love getting stroked on the head, behind the ears and some like the cheeks being rubbed. They usually don't like getting touched on the tummy, nose, mouth, legs, ears or backside.

    A head massage will probably settle a rabbit down. They will put the head down on the ground and closed the eyes. A gentle tooth grinding is a sign they are enjoying it.

    While some rabbits certainly enjoy being petted, others do not like to be touched at all. Find out what a rabbit like and doesn't like.

    rabbit playing toys

    Most rabbits are very playful animals and appreciate a selection of fun toys.

    Toys will help keep a rabbit physically active and prevent boredom. Try to find out what is entertaining to your rabbit, and continue to provide new toys. You can either buy toys from pet stores or make simple toys from common household items.

    One rabbit may like shredding things to bits while another might enjoy rolling willow balls around the floor. Paper bags, cardboard boxes, tunnels or platforms, towels, a box full of shredded paper or toilet paper rolls stuffed with Timothy hay are other neat toys. Since rabbits are chewers, they love to shred paper like the phone book or newspapers.

    travelling rabbits

    Rabbits are not suitable for vacation travel because they suffer from changes in climate and environment. The rabbit will do best in his own home with the diet the animal is used to receiving.

    If you will be gone for more than 24 hours, do not leave the rabbit alone with extra food as there is a very high risk of the animal eating improperly or becoming stressed and ill. Before leaving for vacation you need to find a reliable pet sitter to check on the animal every day, to provide fresh food and water and be sure the rabbit is ok.

    If you need to take your rabbit to the vet, make sure you have a safe transport container. Place some newspaper or a towel along with some food in the bottom of the carrier to make the rabbit more comfortable. Traveling is a very stressful experience for the rabbit.

  • AboutUs

    You want to know more about us?


    Hoppel aka HoppelBoppel

    My name is Hoppel and I was adopted as baby in July 2008. When I came to my new home, I was living inside in a cage. I was the first bunny here and I really made mommy fall in love with us adorable fluffy balls!

    A couple weeks later, mommy decided to get me some bunny company and adopted Hazel. First, I didn’t like him too much, because I had to share my cage with him. But after a while, we’ve got good bunny friends. The two of us used to spend the day in the huge backyard which offers plenty Binkyspace. In the evening, we had to come back inside. Sometimes we gave the humans a hard time to catch us, but most of the time they just had to open the back door and we would hop into the house.

    In spring 2009 we got Niki as a new bunny friend. Since the human's house started to turn into our urban warren, they’ve build us an awesome hutch, so we could stay outside all the time. Of course we need to spend the night in our hutch, but it just takes some good food to get us in there. Now, living together with two other bucks in one place didn't work out without any trouble. We all got a little aggressive and territorial. The humans decided to get us neutered and guess what, no more bunny fights anymore. We turned out to be way calmer and more loving. But still, I consider myself as the bunny boss, yes I am kind of cheeky, but hey, I was the first bunny here!

    My favorite thing to do is taking sun baths in the afternoon on one of the garden chairs. Along with a delicious blueberry yoghurt drop, this sounds like the perfect bunny day to me!

    Hoppel crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, 05/02/2010 between 1am and 4am. He lost the fight against an abscess in his mouth. He was only two years old and way too young.

    We dearly miss you. You left us with a broken heart.

    Hoppel, WE LOVE YOU. Forever.


    Hazel aka Haselnuss

    I am a minirex rabbit and my name is Hazel, which is strange as I’m a male bunny. But my mommy thought that’s the perfect name for me because I am brown like a hazelnut.

    Mommy brought me home in September 2008 and told me that Hoppel was going to be my new best bunny friend. First, Hoppel was very mean to me, I guess he just didn’t like me being around, but after a while we got along pretty well. Sometimes I am still kind of anxious of Hoppel, specially when he starts chasing me. However, after we got bonded with Niki, we started living together in mommy’s backyard, which is a wonderful huge BinkySpace for bunnies. Mommy is really good to us and always buys our favorite foods and visits us before she leaves in the morning (even if it’s still dark outside).

    One day, my mommy came home from work and was scared to death as she couldn’t find me in the backyard where I was supposed to be. As soon as she saw the little whole that we dug under the fence, she broke up in tears as she figured she would never see me again. Finally she found me hopping around in our neighbors’ backyard. Deeply relieved she brought me back home and said I was absolutely not allowed to do anything like that ever again. I think she was pretty angry with me, but I still don’t know what the deal was, I just needed to check out the other site of this fence, honestly I would never run away, I was really planning to come back!

    As my escape was not enough trouble, I got very sick and developed a head tilt. The humans immediately brought me to the pet hospital where they put me on medication. I had my mummy really worried, I was even allowed to sleep in her room for a couple nights. After a few days, I was doing much better and as of today I am fully relieved. I am really thankful for mommy helping me getting over this and as return I (sometimes) love to cuddle with her and give her kisses on her chin and on her nose. I think she likes that a lot! This is just my way telling her that I love her.

    Hazel crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, 09/19/2011. Like Hoppel, he lost the fight against an abscess in his mouth. The two of them are back together now.

    We dearly miss you baby. You left us with a broken heart.

    In our hearts forever.


    Niki aka Nikolaus

    My name is Niki and I am a white bunny boy. One day in January 2009, the humans went to pet shop just to admire bunnies. Then they saw me. They didn’t take me home first, but I guess I made a big impression on them, because two days later they adopted me and my brother Fynn.

    Fynn and I had a great time together, the humans allowed us to run around in the office room and explore everything. Unfortunately, Fynn went over the rainbow bridge only two months later. We all hope he is in a better place now and we will never forget him. We miss him a lot.

    The humans then got me some new company. Luna, the cutest lionhead girl in the world! She was a little shy in the beginning and of course I had to show her who the boss is. For some reasons I just loved to groom her red eyes, the humans were always kind of worried that I would hurt her.

    After a while, the humans decided I need to stay outside together with Hoppel and Hazel. How cool, staying in the backyard, but I think the others didn’t like me there, they kept chasing me and even peed on me. I used to looked pretty messed up. Since the situation didn’t get any better, we had to get neutered which helped a lot. No more fights and no more chasing now.

    Now some words regarding my size. When mommy first got me, I did fit on her hand easily. For some reasons they thought, I was a dwarf rabbit and would stay very little. Big mistake! I turned out to be a huge minirex rabbit with a weight of 8 lbs. The humans say that I am too fat. I think that’s pretty mean. I am just a bigger bunny, who loves to lie around and do nothing. All that exercise is way overrated. There is nothing better than sleeping all day long. I always say a big, fluffy bunny has his own charm.

    All in all, my life is pretty awesome, we get to do what we want all day long and eat all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies. I am really happy to be at this place.

    Hopsi bunny hugs!


    Luna aka LunaBuna Princess

    My name is Luna and I am a lionhead princess who knows her mind! I’m mommy’s only bunny girl and she loves me a lot. She says that I am a true diva in spirit and very unique. I have silken white fur, pearly pink eyes and a black spotted nose.

    When she took me home in February 2009, I think she was kind of sad, because she just lost another bunny. I was supposed to live together with Niki, but since the humans didn’t want me to get baby bunnies, they gave me my own cage. Wow, I guess I am kind of special!

    I enjoy being cuddled. I always put my head up whenever I see the humans coming close to my cage, so they can stroke my forehead. Then I put my head on the ground, close my eyes and enjoy. The best thing is when mommy takes me out of the cage and lets me run in her room. So yeah, I am spoiled, but I earn it with all the kisses I give.

    When I was a baby bunny, my fur color was white with black markings on my feet, my ears and my nose. After a few months all my markings except the nose one turned into white fur. Mommy didn't like that at all and she said I was not allowed to just change the color of my fur without asking her. But hey, can’t do anything against it. Good thing is, I still look cute as a button!

    Whenever mommy went to work during the week, she felt very sorry for me being all by myself. They started thinking about getting a husbun for me. That was when Leo came. What a handsome lionhead boy. He is very active and keeps me busy all the time. It is so much fun to chase Leo and play hide and seek with him. I love having company, but sometimes I have to remember him who the princess is!

    Princess hugs n' kisses


    Leo aka Leonardo

    What's up, my name is Leo and I am the newest addition to the bunny family. I was born at Fisher Farms on October 12th, 2009.

    The humans brought me home in November 2009 and told me that Luna was going to be my new bunny wife. She was really cute and pretty with her pink eyes but she was not very happy that I moved in without her permission. Well, what can I do, here I am!

    I think Luna was sometimes kind of lonely before I came, but believe me, no more boredom now! I am a true action bun. I love to jump all over the place all the time, which doesn’t please the humans too much!

    What I like the most is exercising in mommy's room and explore everything. Luna and I enjoy spending time together but sometimes we can also get on each others nerves. For example, I'll nip on her butt and then she'll chase me around.

    I can also be a very naughty bun, I have so far chewed some cables, furniture and the carpet. Mommy always yells ‘NO’, I guess she wants me to stop, but I don’t really care. Oh, I also need to tell you about my special talent, I love to leave poops everywhere I go. The humans say I am a pee and poop bomb and keep wondering how one little bun can poop so much. Guess I'll need to work on my housekeeping!

    At the end of the day, I tend to get away with a lot because I'm so darn cute! The humans can't stay mad at me long because I give them a certain look and they melt every time!

    Thanks for hopping by!

    Leo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thurdsay, 11/21/2013. He was suffering from pasteurella for 2 months.

    I miss you my Poks, I hope you are in a better place now.

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